Week 320: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

As you can probably see, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little bit early at our church’s annual …whatsitcalled. Thing. Carnival. Event. There were games and food and beer. The girls partaked of two of the three.

Mandy has generally been on good behavior, but one event does bear mentioning. We had put her to bed for the evening and thought she was down to stay, but when Geralyn came upstairs to get ready for bed, she found that all of her fingernail polish bottles had been arranged on the bathroom counter and every one of them opened. The thing is that the mess you’d expect was nowhere to be seen. Not a drop of the stuff was anywhere, but it was too late and too dark to inspect Mandy so had to go to bed and lie awake for quite some time wondering what she’d look like when she bounded in to greet us in the morning. Turns out that she had actually done a fairly good job of painting just her fingernails (and one toe), without making a mess. So Geralyn let her redo the job with green fingernail polish in honor of St. Patrick.

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