Weight Loss Week 10: 11.5 pounds to go

March 11 weight: 173.5

Weight a week ago: 175

Last 5 days avg weight: 175

Workouts in last 7 days: 6

Okay, back on track and trending in the right direction. I had been worrying that this would be another bad weigh in.


Weight loss graph week 10

And here’s a picture. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. God, why are my pants hitched halfway up to my armpits?

Weight Loss picture week 10

I noticed something about the graph. Notice how it regularly spikes. Those spikes? Seven days apart. Every Monday. Every one of those spikes is a Monday weigh-in. The implication is pretty clear: I do fine when I’m at work and I have little choice but to eat what I packed. I could go out or go to a vending machine, but that’s kind of a pain. At home on the weekends, though, I’m more likely to snack and eat bigger meals at breakfast and lunch. Apparently.

So, here’s my new mini-goal: No spike come this Monday. I’m counting every calorie again to help make this happen, but I want to see that green line smoothed out next Thursday.

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