Week 218: Oh, not much. You?

I’m taking it lightly this week. Too burned out and too much to do. And if I don’t at least put up this note and these few pics tonight I probably won’t get to it.

Not much really happened this week, anyway. Sam was sick all weekend and I don’t think she wore anything but pajamas even when we all went out to take my car in to the repair shop. Fun fact: she likes Tylenol but hates Advil. Who would have thought?

Mandy says hi. Like, literally, she says “Hi!” now when I come home from work. This is awesome. Another fun fact: thunder scares the bajeezus out of Mandy. The other night we were playing in the living room when a big peal of it went off, and she immediately got this “It’s here! The apocalypse!” look on her face and mostly succeeded in climbing up my chest and on top of my head. It was cute.

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