Week 217: More Easter, Eggs, and Sugar

The big event this week was, of course, Easter. We actually did some stuff last weekend, but we had a lot planned here, too. These plans, for a reason I will never understand nor care to understand, always seem to include new clothes. Mainly in the form of matching dresses. Fortunately no attempt was made to coordinate my own wardrobe with theirs.

This trend also included new shoes for Mandy. These were, in fact, the first hard soled shoes that anyone had ever put on her, and Mandy did not like this ONE BIT. Once the torture devices were strapped on she would just stay rooted to the spot and cry. It was like she was wearing shoes made out of cement instead of fake leather, and absolutely nothing we did would get her to so much as lift one heel off the floor. So we just stood there and took pictures of her, which in retrospect was probably a little mean. She eventually got used to it and the shoes, though.

On Saturday we had Ger’s mom and godparents over to dye Easter eggs, and a huge mess was made by all. Then on Easter morning we had an egg hunt around the house, which both girls enjoyed, though Sam seemed to get more joy out of cracking the eggs open and seeing what kind of sugary surprise nested inside.

As we sat around the post-egghunt breakfast table, though, I glanced out the kitchen window to see an amazing sight: snow. LOTS of snow, on Easter morning. I swear, sometimes I think the weather in this city where I live forgot to take its meds some days. There was one thing that Geralyn was adamant on, though: She bought these thin, sleeveless, freaking Easter dresses, and the girls were going to wear them, by God.

And so they did, though I don’t think that’s what’s meant by wearing White before Labor day.

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