Sam’s Story: Week 3

It’s 5:42 am and I’ve been up with Sam for the last hour or so. Unlike me, she’s wide awake and doesn’t seem to think that this is sleepy time at all. She reminds me of this if I put her in her crib. In fact, she’s sitting right here beside me in her Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing, which is gently rocking her back and forth under the power of four C batteries. Well, at least it gives us some quiet time together.

Week 3 has gone mostly well. I say “mostly” because yesterday we had a rough time of it when Sam apparently wasn’t feeling well. She wouldn’t stop crying and didn’t sleep at all during the day. That’s what makes her alert state now kind of peculiar. But besides that, she’s great. She still only has a limited repertoire of activities at this point, but I think she’s gaining on the cat in terms of intelligence and ability. Soon she’ll surpass him, but at this point she still can’t make it through a whole chapter of the history of Tolkein’s Middle Earth without falling asleep:

Grandma and Grandpa Sommer are still here, but not for long. Unfortunately, they’re leaving tomorrow (Monday) to drive back to St. Louis. But they were kind enough to stay a couple of weeks, rendering all kinds of aid. They cleaned, they cooked, they repaired, they shopped, and they babysat. I’m not sure what we’ll do without them.

Case in point: Ger’s parents afforded us the opportunity to actually go out for a Valentine’s Day dinner by ourselves. Since we both like sushi and Ger couldn’t eat it while she was pregnant, we opted for a Japanese restaurant, though it turned out to be a weird hybrid Japanese/Pacific Islander/Jamaican place. We gorged on raw fish and Geralyn washed it down with the first glass of wine she’d had in many months. It was great and I’m not sure when that gem of an opportunity will fall into our hands again. Probably the next time family comes to visit. (Note to family: San Diego is great this time of year!)

Until next week, here’s some pictures.

One thing to notice week-to-week: We’re taking a picture every Saturday with Samantha next to a stuffed dinosaur that she inherited from me and my childhood. This week it’s the first picture above. Mr. Dinosaur measures sixteen inches from snout to tail. We’re looking forward to seeing (and recording through the magic of photography) how Sam grows relative to Mr. Dinosaur from week to week.

Oh look. Sam’s finally asleep in her swing. I just took this picture:

Time for a nap.

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