Week 214: Play, Quiet, and Nodding

Much like myself, this week’s post is short and late.

Sam and Mandy are playing a lot together lately, but you really gotta watch them. Well, not you, but me and Geralyn. Sam seems to be at a stage where she wants to play rough, with tackling, pulling, and, um, standing on people. And Mandy seems to be a people in her estimation, so she gets subjected to this kind of thing. Whenever Mandy objections to such treatment and starts to cry, Sam’s soothing balm seems to consist of getting right in her face and saying “quietquietquietQUIETQUIET!,” which is a chant that ends up at the top of her voice. This usually startles Mandy to the point where she actually does stop crying, at which point the torment resumes if we don’t get there in time.

Mandy continues to do her own endearing things. She has picked up on the concept of a question, and seems to be able to identify them based on tone of voice if not content or implied punctuation. If you ask “Are you hungry?” She’ll pause for a second, as if considering a complex riddle, then look at you and nod her head two or three times. Or shake it. Despite what Geralyn thinks, her responses seem to me to be pretty much random. Ask her “Mandy, is there a chimera on my head?” and she’ll nod wisely all the same. Or shake her head. Still, it’s a start.

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