Carbs are the new fat

Ummm... What?

Or is it the new sugar? At any rate, the Atkins low-carb diet seems to be maturing from its former cult status to more of a mainstream product. Suddenly I’m seeing not only commercials for things like low carb burgers and low carb beer, but Atkins is being turned into a brand and getting its logo slapped on everything from soups to …wait for it …pastas. How the heck can you have a low carb pasta? It’s like Atkins sitting there with his friend, laughing his ass off.

Atkins: Oh my god, dude, they’ve totally bought this whole low carb thing.

Friend:I know! Let’s see if they’ll fall for low-carb bread!”

Atkins: LOL! Look! They’re buying it!

Friend: Did you just say “LOL”?

Atkins: I’m so stoned. Pass the snack cakes.

Seriously, if you stop gorging on cheddar cheese and raw beef you can probably hear him laughing. It makes me want to vomit up my low-carb doughnuts in disgust.

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  1. You might also be interested in knowing that we invaded Iraq, captured Saddam Hussain, a presidential election is occurring this year, and if you did not hear, Arnold Schwarzenegger is your new Govenor. 🙂

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