Sam’s Story: Week 2

Samantha’s second week of life has gone very well. The jaundice from week 1 is completely gone and she’s started to gain weight nicely. In fact, she seems to be going through some kind of growth spurt where she wants space her meals just one hour apart. Fortunately, both Sam and Geralyn have gotten the knack of the whole feeding thing. I think they could do it hanging upside down if they had to. Ger’s still not sure about doing it anywhere but in the privacy of Sam’s nursery, even after last night when we saw this lady at Chilli’s whip her breast out right at the table and invite her baby to join in the mealtime fun.

Samantha is enjoying a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sommer, who are proving themselves very helpful. Not only are they helping to watch Sam while Ger and I have some time to ourselves, they’re cooking, cleaning, and doing a bit of landscaping while they’re at it. Here’s some pictures of them with Samantha:

In the Baby Stuff department we continue to be delighted by gifts and cards sent by friends and family. We think we (and by “we” I mean “Geralyn”) sent out thank-you notes to everyone, but please drop me a hint if we missed you. Here’s a picture of Samantha in her spiffy new Rice University smock (it will eventually become a bib) from Aunt Shawn and Uncle Brent:

Samantha still seems to only really have four settings: Sleep, cry, eat, and stare into space. The owner’s manual says this is normal, though, and we can expect more out of her in the next 2-3 weeks. Even with this limited arsenal of moves, though, she still manages to dominate the household. Our activities are completely dictated by Sam’s feeding needs, we do laundry when we need to wash her Miracle Blanket or onesies, and we don’t go to bed until she does. Still, we’re enjoying it and looking forward to more.

I’ll leave you until next Sunday with some random photos of bath time and sleep time. I’ve also created a running photo album where we’ll put all these pictures into once place.

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3 thoughts on “Sam’s Story: Week 2

  1. Okay, so what’s the deal with the Miracle Blanket? I looked at the site, but given that I’m not a mom I’m curious about all the claims it makes when it’s a blanket. So how’s it working out for you guys and why is it so cool?

  2. It’s great. Very young babies don’t have much control over their arms and legs. They often flail and flop about, which is great for development and practice, but it can also wake them up when they try to sleep.
    Swaddling them in blankets keeps their arms and legs close to their body, preventing the flailing and making them feel more secure. However, many babies will eventually work their arms and legs free of regular swaddling blankets and you’re back at square 1.
    The Miracle Blanket rocks because of its design. It has these little flaps that you put their arms under and then fold under their bodies. Their own weight keeps their arms in place. The blanket also has a very long, tapered design that lets you wrap them up nice and tight.
    It’s a great product. Samantha definitely sleeps longer and better when she’s wrapped up in it.

  3. It’s true. Wrapping them up like a little baby-burrito (that was Emma’s nickname for a few weeks) really does help them sleep.
    It’s also true that they’re awfully good at wriggling their way out of said burrito.
    Such Miracle Burrito Technology was, alas, no where to be found just a few years ago. If only burritos were filling with living creatures, this Miracle Blanket could have been invented by ancient Indians and Mrs. T and I could have had a few more hours of shuteye.

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