Week 195: Flu, Rockets, and Tombs

Ah, flu season. We should have known that something was up when Sam wanted to go to bed at 6:00 last night, and sure enough she started feeling miserable shortly thereafter. Fever, cough, runny nose, general piss-offedness. And about 3:00 this morning I was in her room trying to console her when she climbed into my arms, pressed her forehead against my lips, and promptly barfed all down the front of my shirt. Copiously. Actually, though, she did say “Um, sorry,” afterwards and seemed to feel a lot better.

That aside, it was a fairly uneventful week. Ger and I both had child unfriendly things to do on Saturday, so we tag-teamed the kids and hung around the house. Sam’s new favorite thing to do is “play rockets” which involves building rocket ships out of her snap together blocks, then attach poor animal astronauts to the top and take them on a ride. It’s a ride, by the way, which always ends the same way: with Sam shouting “OH NOES!” and the rocket plummeting back to Earth, where it breaks apart. Sam’s version of NASA never suffers a setback, though, as wave after wave of animals are sent up and brought back down in flames.

As far as Mandy goes, I don’t think I can deny any longer that she’s mobile. She still won’t get her knees up under her when she crawls, but her kind of “scootching” works just fine, and allows her to traverse where she likes. Well, except hardwood floors, which rob her of the friction needed for forward momentum. I started to do some baby proofing, but quit. This house just doesn’t seem to want us to baby proof it. First I put some latches on a bathroom cabinet, only to discover that the way the doors were kind of countersunk that I had, in effect, sealed the thing with the kind of permanence probably hoped for by the architects of ancient Egyptian pyramids.

After much cursing, yanking, and snapping of plastic, I finally had access to my hair gel and deodorant again, but it’s obvious that a new approach will be called for. My Plan B currently consists of just babyproofing the hall closet and then restricting Mandy to that space when outside of her crib, but this proposal has yet to really garner much support among committee members.

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