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So, there’s no photo of the week this week. It’s not because I don’t have anything to post, in fact I’ve been sitting on a surplus of (relatively) presentable shots for a few weeks now. I’ve also had this thought rattling around in the back of my head to start what’s called a “photoblog.” It’s a weblog in that it’s personal and updated regularly, but instead of text and links and snapshots of your cat/kids/feet, the emphasis is on photographs. Often they have minimalist designs that put the photos front and center, maybe with some basic commenting and browsing functionality built in.

So, given these two factors, I started fiddling around with PixelPost last weekend and ended up with


Instead of a photo of the week here on, I’m going to post 3 (well, 2-3) new pictures a week on and remind people here once a week about the photoblog. I say let’s call this a little experiment to see how I like it and to see if I can keep up 2-3 new pictures a week. If it goes smashingly, I may register a new domain name (any ideas?) and add some subtle bells and whistles to the site. If not, well, I can always deny that it ever happened and tell you you’re crazy if you think it did, you crazy crazy internet person.

There’s a few reasons for doing this. First, I think it’s cool and that’s almost reason enough. I like the idea of a simple site where I can build up an online portfolio and the photoblogging community seems pretty cool. has other focal points, and Flickr isn’t as pretty and a bit spastic at times. Also, deep down, some part of me sees this as necessary groundwork to building a side business in photography so that I can actually make some money off this stuff. Right now that idea can still most charitably be described as “fanciful dream born on the lilac breezes of la-la land” but you have to start somewhere and it’s actually part of a plan that I’m putting in place a piece at a time.

So, go on. Click through. Tell me what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Null Entry

  1. you do have talent and your photoblog will be a great way to showcase it. just look at that image of mandy – perfect! looking forward to your entries!

  2. the picture was ok but i would rather look at my grandaughters
    it could be that i am biased.

  3. I meant to post when this first came up.
    First: PlanetCrap is still going? Hey, Zeus! That’s crazy.
    Second: I think there must be some natural evolutionary process for all new photographers. I started a posting like crazy and partcipating in challenges on and DPChallenge.
    A photoblog came not long after that. It was intended to be a “photo a day” thing. After missing a few weeks because of work load I never picked it up and then deleted it all in a Movabletype cleanup.
    Next I went to so far as to register a domain ( and reading up about LLC’s with the intention of making some money off of my hobby. Once I started putting together a business plan (and work became interesting again!) I gave up. The only way to make money off of this as a hobby is by putting stuff up on the big stock sites ( for example) or sitting around at local fairs hoping for a few framed and/or postcard-type sales.
    You seem to have far more stick-with-it than I do, in general, so hopefully you’ll do far better than I did. In fact, I’m sure you will!
    Keep us posted! (HAR HAR!)

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