Week 183: Swimming, Clothing, and Funny Faces

I’m usually hesitant to turn this blog into an episode of “Kids Say the Darndest Things, By Golly!” but sometimes I can’t resist. Sam and I were playing at the pool last weekend when she straightened up and shouted “I’M A MAGICAL FISH THAT POOPS RAINBOWS!”

Sometimes you gotta lead with your A material.

Speaking of swimming, Sam started taking swim lessons at a local community center. I was kind of surprised to learn that the lessons don’t involve Geralyn at all, who was told to go sit over there and watch. Instead, a single instructor was to oversee the lessons, which kind of worried me since I didn’t think she would be some kind of multi-armed octopus or Hindu Goddess capable of keeping all of her tiny wards —who cannot swim else they wouldn’t be there— on the gaseous side of the water’s surface. But it turned out that it was just Sam and one other little boy showed up. And apparently Sam’s single classmate suffered from a fear of the six inches of water in the shallow end of the kiddie pool such that an icy fear seized his heart and loosed his bladder. Sam, on the other hand, took every chance she could find to lurch towards her doom in the deep end, so the instructor still had her (two) arms full.

Sam’s enthusiasm for the world in general leaks over into other areas of her life, such as slobbering food all over every part of her person. By the time I get home at night she’s already gone through multiple clothes changes and would be in need of another if Geralyn hadn’t decided that she was totally going to bed in a few hours anyway so what’s the point? Even worse, lately we’ve just been telling Sam to go upstairs and pick out her own replacement clothes, so that by by the end of a day of sloppy fun she sometimes looks like a miniature madwoman who haphazardly raided the loading dock behind The Children’s Place.

If she stays inside with us it’s not much of a problem, but last night when she went out in the back yard to play with the neighbor girl (who was, by the way, resplendent in a pretty blue dress) Sam did so wearing stretchy pants with “Happy Halloween!” printed all over them, a chocolate-smeared tank top that was two sizes too small, and bright pink tap shoes. I thought that if the neighbor girls’ parents came out to say hello, I would be mortified. The neighbor girls’ parents did, in fact, come out to say hello.

Mandy is, by the way, doing just great. I wish there was more to report, but it’s the same stuff: she’s eating food, being charming, and looking happy. The only bad spot was when we fed her too much rice cereal and green beans too close to bed time and Mandy lay in her crib protesting this gastrointestinal largess. The thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is that she and Sam are starting to interact more. Sam will bring Mandy toys, talk to her, and even try to get her to laugh by making funny faces. Mandy, for her part, usually laughs wildly and turns to face Sam when she hears her come into the room. I think they’re laying the groundwork for a great relationship.

Geralyn also insists that Mandy is trying to say “Ma-Ma!” but I have my doubts. She’s babbling like crazy now, for sure, but all I can make out of it is an intense fascination with discussing “burlap.” Which was, come to think of it, Sam’s first word too.

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3 thoughts on “Week 183: Swimming, Clothing, and Funny Faces

  1. Okay…funny thing is I’m right in the middle of writing an article on personality disorders (you know the DSM Axis II stuff) and finished the section on Schizotypal this morning (that would be the one about being creative but having odd and eccentric patterns of thinking, magical beliefs and other peculiarites). When I develop my own measure of psychopathology, I’ll definitely include Sam’s item. It’s no stranger than some on the old MMPI.
    BTW–if she’s still saying things like that at 16, give me a call 🙂

  2. Maybe Sam had just come up with the title of her newest album. Please tell me she is not better at the guitar game than I am!
    Love the Eskimo Joe’s shirt, we actually saw one in London the other day!

  3. I am continually amazed at how well Emma and Henry interact. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought they would be such great pals. I bet you will see the same thing happen with the girls.

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