Photo of the Week: Backyard Panorama

You’ll probably want to click on that teeny tiny thumbnail to see the full picture on this one. And make sure you scroll across horizontally unless you’ve got a HUUUUGE monitor. It’s not an interesting or otherwise good shot, but I wanted to play around with making a panorama shot in Photoshop. It was incredibly easy. I just put my camera on a tripod and took a bunch of shots of my backyard, making sure each one overlapped by about 30%. Then I fixed Photoshop with a stern glare and said “Minion! Stitch these together post haste!” And it did.

Seriously, it was pretty much that easy. And the shot came out almost perfectly, with just one glaring problem with depth of field that was an issue with the original picture than the stitching process. Can’t wait to redo this with a scene that’s actually interesting to look at.

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5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Backyard Panorama

  1. Being a California resident, I’ve occasionally heard visitors/tourists/transplants mention their perception that CA is full of hippies. Well, all I see in your backyard is a fence-free playground of hippie love. 😉
    Seriously – where _are_ all your fences? Are you living in a crazy HOA (home owners association)? How do you keep the illusion of privacy in your yard? How do you define property lines? How do you keep dogs in your yard? Your mid-west ways frighten and confuse me. 😉

  2. Yards are meant to be free, man. Actually, one of our neighbors does have a fence. The others don’t, and our houses are situated so that about five of them are arranged in a rough circle with the back yards blending together. I actually like it, since it makes for a nice view and you can say “Hi” to your neighbors. It also provides a nice place for all the kids in those houses to congregate and play together without being in the streets.
    It does sometimes cause problems, though, like when I’m not sure where to stop mowing the grass. These are the horrors of suburbia. HORRORS!

  3. Yeah, it’s a little different. Unfortunately it’s often covered in rain, snow, or scorching heat. 🙂

  4. Don’t forget the sweltering humidity! : ) Don’t get me wrong, I love our yard and the setup, but the weather conditions mean we are unable to enjoy it 50% of the time!

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