Week 164: Gibberish, Inqueries, and Super Moves

It’s a new thing with Sam every week. Or in this case, two new things. One is a regression to a kind of gibberish language, especially when she gets excited. Her favorite word is “goggle” as in “Daddy get GOGGLE-GA-GA-GAAAAAAA! GAAAAAA!” Explanations that goggles are things you wear on your face to protect your eyes while engaging in arc welding do not deter her from these antics.

The other new thing is particular to story time, and only slightly more exasperating. Sam has developed the habit of looking at a page full of characters in a picture book and asking what each one is thinking or saying. At first, I was delighted, because I’ve read that this is the best way to read with your kids –to engage them in speculation about characters’ inner thoughts, the reasons for their actions, and the anticipated outcomes of those thoughts and actions. Knowing that Horton hears a who is all fine and dandy, but kids’ minds are really stretched when they think about what Horton thinks about his situation, why he’s trying to protect his tiny friends, why those Wickersham Brothers are such monumental jerks, and how the whole book is a thinly veiled polemic on the right to life debate. She’s managed some of these mental feats, but not all.

So this kind of added inquisitiveness is great in theory, but when stretched to extremes over pages and pages it results in exchanges like this towards the end of a book:

“At first, the other animals just saw an ugly spider, but with Wilber’s help they realized that Charlotte was gentle and kind.”

“What’s Golly saying?”

“Charlotte is gentle and kind.”

“And what’s Ike saying?”

“Charlotte is gentle and kind.”

“And what’s Samuel saying?”

“Charlotte is gentle and kind.”

“And what’s Templeton saying?”

“Charlotte is gentle and kind.”

“And what’s Charlotte saying?”

“I’ve fooled them all. Now that I have lured them into a sense of false security it is time to execute the next phase of my master plan for world domination.”

“…Noooooo. That’s not what Charlotte is saying. That’s silly.”

I may not win any parenting awards, but at least I amuse myself. And at least Sam calls me on it.

As far as Mandy goes (which isn’t far, since she can’t walk or even crawl), she too has developed two fantastic new powers. One is drooling, which began happening as if someone had suddenly cranked a faucet handle and accidentally snapped it off in the “full blast” position. We could irrigate citrus crops with this kid.

Mandy’s second new trick is reaching for things, which is pretty cool since it marks her transition from “cute lump” to “cute lump who can play with you.” She’s not very good at it yet, but she’s getting it. Ger had her lying on her little play gym, looking up at the toys dangling above her. After a brief demonstration of how it was to be done, Mandy tried to reach for the toys herself. She did so inch by inch, letting loose with a low, sustained yell like some spiky-haired anime hero powering up for an ultimate super move that culminates in gently tapping a smiling stuffed ladybug.

The awesomeness of this magnificent display of power cannot be overstated.

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2 thoughts on “Week 164: Gibberish, Inqueries, and Super Moves

  1. My almost-3-year-old does something similar with books, only with her it’s, “What’s her name? Who’s that guy? What is he doing?” In theory, awesome that she’s thinking creatively, asking questions, etc. In practice, somewhat annoying when you’re trying to finish the freakin’ book before bedtime.

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