News from the Mews

My sister Shawn has recently done two things. One, she (and her husband Brent) moved to London. Two, she started a blog about it called News from the Mews, which takes its name not from cats, but from the style of house they ended up in. Like myself, Shawn and Brent are from the American Midwest, and she’s got several stories about the culture shock and adaptations that they’re having to go through.

My favorite so far: the story of how the chipper British moving man had to balance their humongous American-sized dresser on his head and use a ladder to fit it through the second story window. I’m not kidding. There’s a picture of him doing it. But I mostly liked the story because it involved this picture of Shawn trying to push her palms through her face and out the back of her head as she watched said event:

Moving Day

I remember that look. Mostly from when Shawn was supposed to be taking care of me and I had climbed up on the roof or set the drapes on fire or something. Good to see it’s still around!

Check out the site.

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