Week 159: quiet, imagination, and monsters

(It’s going to be a brief post this week. I let myself get run down catching up with things at work and then getting an awful head cold. But at least there’s pictures.)

They say that things really change when you have multiple kids, and I now believe it. As just one small example, when Sam was a baby we would walk around on tip-toes when she slept, fearful of disturbing her delicate slumber if we breathed or thought too loudly. By the time Mandy came along, on the other hand, this idea went right out the window and now conversations like this are commonplace:

“Hi. Where’s Mandy?”

“She’s right here, asleep.”

“Cool. Hey, look, I got a new fog horn.”

“Awesome! Let’s hear it!”

And the funny thing is, of course, that Mandy is completely oblivious to the noise around her, and when she decides to sleep nothing on God’s green earth will disturb her. I wish we had known this sooner.

And while loud noises don’t really bother Sam either, one thing that is starting to turn against her a bit is her imagination. Lately, the flip side of her overactive and inventive mind seems to be that it is contriving things to be scared about. It started with her accusing us of being “monsters,” and to this day I wonder where she learned that term.

From there, things have moved into asking that we stay with her when we put her down to bed so that she stays safe. And then last weekend when we tried to leave Sam at her grandparents for the night she insisted that there was “a scary ball monster on the ceiling” of her room, and that she had to sleep in Grandma’s bed.

But wait, wait. Here’s the best part: Ger recently took some funds from Sam’s birthday bounty and bought her a new movie. Guess which one. Give up? She bought Monsters, Inc.. The movie about monsters. Who live in your closet. And under your bed. Who eat your face. I think. It’s been a while.

At any rate, we haven’t shown her the movie yet. We need a bigger bed first.

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4 thoughts on “Week 159: quiet, imagination, and monsters

  1. I think Monsters Inc could be a good one to make her less scared. The whole story is about the monsters learning that they don’t have to scare and the ones who want to get taken away for rehabilitation.
    There are a few moments that wouldn’t work in your favour… maybe more than a few, the more I remember the more I think you might be right. If she can make it through to the end it might help but there’s all that dratted story in the between time.

  2. She hadn’t seen Monsters Inc, but she thought there was a ball monster on the ceiling? She’s channeling the movie I think. Meanwhile, Mandy looks just like Geralyn, how cute!

  3. So Sam watched Monsters Inc. over the weekend. Twice. And she apparently loved it. The only thing that I think made her a little scared was the purple lizard character, Randal, who is the story’s main villain. The one voiced by Steve Buscemi. She came and found me in the other room to ask me what “that purple monster’s” name is. We looked it up on Wikipedia together and she seemed cool with it after that.

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