On choosing

“Okay, Sam, which one do you want to ride on?”

“This one!”

“Sam, this is a merry go round. They have all kinds of animals to ride on. There’s a tiger, a zeba, a rabbit, even a giant sea horse. Don’t you want to ride on one of those?”

“No. I wanna ride on this.”

“This… This is a bench, Sammy. I think it’s only here because the law requires it for all the little crippled children.”

“I wanna ride on the bench!”

“It’s lame Sam.”


“Okay, people staring now. Fine, whatever, scoot over.”

“Yaaay! I’m riding a bench!”

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3 thoughts on “On choosing

  1. Now, see, I don’t think you’re looking at this the right way. Tigers, zebras, rabbits, even seahorses are all naturally mobile and thus there is no novelty in a moving animal. A bench that MOVES, that you can RIDE, now that’s a novelty.

  2. Yeah, except it didn’t, really. The floor underneath it went in big circles, I guess. That may count. And I got Sam to raise her arms over her head and shout “Wheeeee!” a few times, which was kind of funny.

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