Photo of the Week: The Bird

The Bird

I’m reaching back into the past for this one, mainly because I’ve had it sitting around for so long waiting to be used. It was actually taken at the San Diego Zoo when we lived there. Er, San Diego, not the zoo. I remember that these birds, which would fly right up and land on your shoulder or hand, scared the bajeezus out of Sam. Like, there was bajeezus everywhere. Very messy.

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: The Bird

  1. Once, a very long time ago, I was in Norfolk, VA visiting friends. We parked in their apartment complex lot and got out to walk to the front door. It was late spring, with trees in full green foliage, quite colorful and cheery. Something tugged at my eye and I turned my head to look at a tree. I didn’t see anything odd, but before my brain could fully process what my eyes were doubtlessly trying to futily transmit, part of the tree flew out and landed in my hair.
    Well, it wasn’t exactly part of the tree. A brightly colorful bird, including green parts, had been sitting in one of the tree branches. It looked a lot like this pic! The thing that probably caught my eye was my brain’s first attempts to figure out why I was seeing flashes of red and blue among all the green, while at the same time filtering OUT those odd colors because of course they didn’t belong in a tree.
    As for what the bird was thinking, well, if you’ve ever seen my hair you know that it’s a twisted woolly mass of thick strands. To him, a lost pet of some kind, I must have looked like a friendly walking perch.
    To my credit, I didn’t freak. The bird landed, I walked up to my friends place with him and we figured out who to report him to. Last I knew, he had been reunited with his owner. That’s me, alright. Friend to fowl.

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