Photo of the Week: Kick Flip


I was at the park taking pictures of Sam last weekend when this trio of skateboarding kids started begging me to get shots of them doing tricks. Normally I’m very reluctant to take pictures of strangers’ kids (even teenage ones like these), but I couldn’t pass up the chance since they were asking for it. So I started yelling “Okay left, up, triangle!” by way of direction. They must have played the Tony Hawk video games, too, since they got a laugh out of that.

I also think situations like this are a good measures of one’s photography skills, even for an armature hobbyist like myself. The reason being that it tests your ability to quickly switch to semiautomatic mode and make technical and artistic choices on the fly with very little time to think about it. These kids started doing tricks and I was like “Oh crap wait I want to freeze the action so switch to shutter priority mode crap what shutter speed three times focal length is that right boost the ISO what white balance do I have this on oh crap he’s getting ready to jump!”

Actually, a few of the shots turned out good, but I like this one best. See the rest of my Flickr photostream.

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3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Kick Flip

  1. I would love to know where you are finding out about these photo contests. Could you send me some info? I would really appreciate it. Btw, I loved the pictures of Sam. Just precious and I can see why you won!

  2. Thanks! This shot wasn’t part of a contest, though. The one I posted about earlier was just advertised in one of those free magazines that we happened to be subscribed to. If there’s some kind of resource for finding out about contests, I’d like to know about it too.

  3. Pick up & check your local freebee magazines/ newspapers. They all usually run amateur photo contests at one point or another.

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