Photo of the Week: Pool by Myself

Pool Trio

Playing around with my new remote control for my camera. This trick is pretty easy to do:

  1. Put camera on tripod and don’t touch it
  2. Turn off autofocus, select a smaller aperture (higher f-stop number), and manually focus on something about 1/3 of the way into the scene. This helps give you a large depth of field so more of the scene is in focus.
  3. Use remote or self-timer to take three different shots (try not to block light sources like windows or lamps)
  4. Put the three shots as three layers in one image using Photoshop
  5. Erase the parts of the top two layers so that the desired parts of the shots underneath show through
  6. Flatten and save

What I’d really like to do is get several shots of Sam playing on her swingset, preferably in different sets of clothes, so that I can put together a multi-Sam montage. That’s my next project.

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8 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Pool by Myself

  1. Hey, that’s pretty cool! Inspirational even!
    I think I’ll try this with my gear. If I have any success I’ll be sure to report back. I don’t have a remote though, so I’ll be going with the timer. What remote do you have? And where is it in the pictures?

  2. Thanks! Let me know how yours works out. I just did this one quick experiment and think I could be a lot more creative.
    This is the remote. It’s small enough that I just palmed it or slipped it into my pocket in the pictures above.

  3. Well … My first few attempts out of the gate aren’t even worth showing. I thought I’d be clever and catch my daughters cute little behind in the tub. Turns out that I didn’t think about the water moving and how I was ever going to blend those photos together … Doh!
    Then came me and my poor old timer approach. With those new Tivo rates, I just can’t afford a remote. I can’t train my daughter to stay still for any amount of time either. I guess it’s fair given that she’s only two, but what I wouldn’t give for a “look at the camera for ten seconds” mode of operation!
    The moral of my story is (a) have a remote and (b) pick your shots carefully. I was thinking of trying a set like this on the playground slide, but telling a two-year old to defy the laws of physics and freeze-frame halfway down the slide, while my timer goes off seems a bit impractical. Then there’s the whole issue of the sand at the bottom.
    Turns out that this is a bit more difficult a shot than I thought it would be! I’m still keeping my hopes up though! I’ll post again if I get anything decent.

  4. Yeah, two year olds aren’t exactly cooperative when it comes to posing for the camera. Motion isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless it’s disturbing the scene. I guess you really only want your subject to change from shot to shot.

  5. i’ve been lurking around since benmac first linked to you. although it was sam’s story that first drew me in, i’m loving all your latest photos and tips – thanks! cool effect in this week’s shot!

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