New RSS Syndication via Feedburner

You may have noticed the big orange “chicklet” over on the right with the words “Subscribe to xml feed” underneath it. That’s because I recently added RSS syndication via For those of you not in the know, RSS is a technology that allows me to syndicate the content of this website so that people can read it with pieces of software (either standalone or online) called, perhaps unimaginatively, RSS Readers. So if you read 10 blogs a day, you can just do it from one interface. Well, if they set up their RSS feed to allow it. You can also have your RSS Reader alert you when something new has been published in one of the blogs to which you subscribe.

I’ve always had RSS feed in the form of an XML version of my main page, and I’ve pointed people towards it and, the RSS reader I currently use. But I decided to give Feedburner a try, mainly because it has a few widgets and makes it a lot easier for readers to subscribe with their reader of choice. Maybe you don’t like Bloglines. Maybe your’e some kind of freak. That’s cool, that’s cool. This is a big tent.

It’s also perhaps worth noting that is syndicated via RSS in its entierty. Because RSS feeds with only the first so many words followed by a hyperlink to the full entry make Baby Jesus cry. Please click all the Google Ads you like, but I don’t particularly care about page views here. I’m happy to know people are reading the content, whether it’s straight from the source or via a reader.

Everything in the RSS feed seems to work, you’ll just get ugly formatting and won’t see the new stuff in the Media or latest Flickr pictures inserts on the right side of the front page. The only thing that really miffs me is that I can’t seem to add a link to comments or tags in the RSS feed. If you know how to do that, please let me know. Seriously.

So, if you want to try getting started with the new feed, click on the orange thingie. Or click here. Either way, follow the directions on the other side. If you need help picking a RSS Reader program, I like because it’s clean and simple, though I’ve been eyeing Google’s Google Reader and may switch to that.

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