Tales of installation

I’m not really the handiest of people. I mean, I have hands –two of them– but I’m not as good as some at using them to build things or install things. And coupled with the fact that that we’ve just moved into a new place this has led to a lot of conversations like this one:

“There, there’s your bathroom rack thing. Freshly installed.”

“Is it level? It doesn’t look level.”

“It’s level.”

“Did you use one of those things? Those things that make sure it’s level?”

“You mean a level?”



“It doesn’t look very sturdy.”

“It’s fi–HEY DON’T TOUCH IT! What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking I might, you know, hang some towels on it.”

“Woah, woah, woah. No, this is just for kleenex. One kleenex. Kleenexum.”


“Towels go over here. On the floor.”

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  1. If you have any aspirations towards authoring comedy, a la Dave Barry, please know you have one customer for your first book. Probably your second too. Once hooked, I’m a very loyal devotee.

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