Sam’s Story: Week 112

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve raved about Sam’s developing language skills, so I think I’m due. They have, as you may have guessed, continued to rocket upwards, with complete sentences now being the norm. She’s also making deft use of pronouns, which I thought was kind of unusual for her age. She still sometimes says “Sammy” (or rather “Harm-ee”) when referring to herself, but she’ll just as often say “me” or “my” or “I” or even “you” when refering to someone else. Apparently Elmo with his constant self-referential syndrome is not the perfect model upon which to mold expectations for a kid’s language development.

Below are some of Sam’s more recent and most elaborate vocalizations. The first one came totally out of the blue while we were just sitting on the floor, playing:

“I had a black rocking chair at Nana’s house.”

Which, it turns out, is true. Then there was this one when we getting dressed to go play in the back yard:

“Daddy needs shoes! [Looks at my feet] Oh, they’re already on.”

And then there’s this, her current coup de grace, said while eating a particularly messy lunch:

“Uh oh, cheese all over the floor. …That’s okay, momma will clean it up.”

Sam has also gotten into the habit of repeating just about everything we say, even when we’re not talking to her. This has made us quite self-conscious, and we’re dreading the day when Sam catches an errant F-bomb and lobs it right back at us. Geralyn and I have had some lively arguments about which one of us is most likely to be the perpetrator of this ugly bit vocabulary building when it happens, but these aren’t arguments I want to extend to this public space. So I won’t say much, except that one of us curses like a longshoreman on vacation in Deadwood when she overcooks Sam’s cream of wheat and it boils over inside the microwave. I’m just sayin’.

Now, pictures!

We’re still a little skimpy on pictures on account of not being in our normal routine, but things will pick up next week. The picture in the middle is of Sam wearing her lucky St. Patrick’s Day hat. Personally, I think she got ripped off when she bought that thing. It looks like somebody just stapled some strips of construction paper together and went at them with crayons. But what do I know?

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  1. Holy Cow! I just watched Super Nanny and there is a a two year old who swears like a longshorman on vacation in Deadwood. She was launching F bombs all over the place and then some!

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