Sam’s Story: Week 104

The big event this week was Sam’s 2nd birthday part, which you can see pictures of right here and read a little about over here. It was quite fun (Ger worked hard to make sure it would be) and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. And Sam scored some phat loot.

Sam’s mastery over life has started to take a big step: she’s learning letters. Well, a few of them. Right now she knows two members of the alphabetical family: O and K. So if she ever wants to mail a package to Nana and Pa-Pa in Oklahoma, she’s partway there. If she sees these two characters written anywhere, she’ll scream “OH!” or “KAY!” sometimes several times in a row, no matter where we are. It’s kind of cute, but I hope she decides to give the rest of the alphabet a try, too. I hear “W” is frickin’ awesome.

Part of her interest in the alphabet may be that we read to Sam constantly, and last Saturday I decided to take her to the new library that just opened up the road. We wandered through the stacks where she would rip down a pile of books, select one (usually one with a bear or cars on the cover), deposit herself in my lap, and insist that I read it to her. After a while I had a armload of books she seemed to like and went to the circulation desk to apply for a library card. Around this time Sam decided that she had had enough and that it was time to remind me that she was entering into the terrible twos. She grabbed my hand and said “Go,” as she is wont to do when she’s ready to move on. When we did not in fact “go” immediately, she squared her feet, scrunched her face, and started screaming “GO GO GO! GO GO GO! GO GO GO!” as loud as she could. Which, for the record, sounds a LOT louder when you’re in a library.

So we went, sans library card and thus sans books. And though there were stern words once we got outside, there was also juice, a Snack Trap™ full of grapes, and a trip to the park. Yes, my discipline is terrible to behold. Here are some pictures:

As you can see, Sam has finally begun to master the art of drinking through a straw. Her reluctance to do so had caused me no small amount of anxiety for some reason. I mean, potty training and complete sentences could wait, I wanted to know why this kid couldn’t suck apple juice through a straw.

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