Welcome to jmadigan.net v2.0!

Hooray! A few things are still in want of fixing, but for the most part it’s all done and I can finally welcome you to the new jmadigan.net. New to you are:

(1) New design, obviously. I really liked the red and yellow color scheme of the old design, but I wanted something new and the design you see here was where I ended up. I actually started off with plans to do an orange and grey design, but while I liked that color palate it just didn’t look good once I filled it with content. The design has also been totally recoded from the ground up, with my craptacular old “I’m just now learning how this all works” HTML a thing of the past. I’m not saying the new stuff is flawless, but believe me when I say it’s a LOT better and a LOT more flexible and a LOT more efficient than it was before.

(2) New host. My old host was really stingy with their storage space and I was constantly butting up against the 400 MB (yes, as in “megabyte”) limit. So when my friend Todd sent me a coupon code that waived the setup fees, I decided to jump ship to Dreamhost, who gave me approximately 474 gajillion terabytes of storage. I think I now have enough to mirror the Internet.

(3) Movable Type 3.2. While I was at it I upgraded to Movable Type version 3.2, which has better templates and more controls. This won’t really affect you readers much, but it makes things easier for me since I integrated pretty much all the site content through MT, lessening my need to manually transfer files via FTP. MT 3.2 also has tighter comment spam controls, so until I get that figured out I may have to manually approve your comments, and I may actually move to a registration requirement to post at all. I really hate deleting comment spam.

I guess that’s it as far as you know. I still need to fix the category-based and date-based archive pages and a few other miscellaneous pages and a truckload of broken links, but otherwise we’re good to go. At any rate, what do you think of the new design?

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