Sam’s Story: Week 103

Sam is almost two years old, so Ger and I have been busy preparing for her second birthday party. We’re keeping things relatively simple –no scary clowns or inflatable buildings to jump around in. Given her peculiar culinary predilections, we’re not letting Sam pick out the menu for the event. If we did, party-goers would be treated to platter after platter of nothing but:

  • Refried beans
  • Pickles
  • Black olives
  • Red onion
  • Lemons

I swear, she’d eat any of the above until she pops if we let her. Actually, you might want to add donuts to that list after this weekend. On Sunday we went to Krispy Kreme to use some coupons and picked up an assorted dozen (a.k.a., “enough to last me the rest of the morning, barely”). Like a practiced crack dealer, the fiend behind the counter offered Sam a free sample, at which she initially nibbled, then subsequently scarfed. I was standing over at the coffee bar holding the dozen donuts in one arm and pouring milk into my coffee with the other when I felt something clawing at my pants leg. It was Sam, who was doing her best to climb up me while never taking her crazed eyes off the cardboard box full of what is now the best thing in her little world. Glad to see my genes are expressing themselves somewhere in there.


Sam’s verbal prowess continue to accelerate, with her vocabulary growing almost too quickly to keep track of. A few notably cute additions include umbrella (“uh-bah-bah”), robe (“row”), bow/shoelaces (“bow”), toast/bread (“tow”), micturate (“pee-pee”), and the multipurpose “Oh yeeeaah!” exclamation. Much to our delight, Sam has also started to attach “please” (or rather, “peas”) to her requests. So we get “Up, peas!” or “Doo, pease!”

The fly in the ointment, though, is that Sam apparently didn’t learn this supplication from us, her ever polite and ever present parents. Like most of life’s important lessons, she learned it from Elmo. For Christmas we bought her this little “Mr Potato Head” knock off where you can stick on or remove various body parts on a plain Elmo base. Each time you do, Elmo’s battery-powered voice will comment on your choice. One of his stock responses is “Elmo needs a nose, please,” the last word of which Sam just started repeating and using one day.

So thanks again, Children’s Television Workshop (a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, I think). Thanks for raising my child through your clever merchandise.

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2 thoughts on “Sam’s Story: Week 103

  1. Actually, the potato-head Elmo was from Grandma & Grandpa, so indirectly, we have them to thank too. Also you forgot to add grapes to the favorite foods menu, she really would eat these until she explodes if we let her!

  2. Nice redesign of the site. And I laughed when I read Sam’s food choices. I love stuff like that too, especially the pickles. With me i’ll eat anything that has been sitting in vinegar or pickle juice until I pop. She and I eat like some pregnant women. Heehee!

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