Sam’s Story: Week 101

Sam has become tiring. And I’m not talking about losing sleep –if you spot me the first 8 weeks, I can count on one hand the times she’s failed to sleep through the night. Sleeping is one of her core competencies. Instead, her brand of exhaustion inducement has lately stemmed from an overabundance of energy and a desire to burn it off. With me. Her latest and most favoritest game is for me to shout “Grah-grah-grah!” and run behind her while she bubbles over with sputtering laughter and runs around like the fan favorite in the Special Olympics. She’ll want to play this game for like an hour at a time, running back and forth and back and forth.

If (or rather, when) I collapse on the carpet in exhaustion, she’ll start circling while yelling “UP! UP!” and yanking on my various limbs. Her single-minded tenacity in these resuscitative efforts is quite impressive. She simply will not stop until I get up and resume the chase. I’ve started shopping around at exercise equipment outlets in order to complete a Wile E. Coyote-esque plan where I place her on a treadmill and shout “Graah! Run! I’m gonna getcha!” from a chair behind her.

Sam has also adopted the occasional habit of repeating back the last word in any sentence she overhears. This has resulted in her adding words like “crotch” and “annoying” to her vocabulary. I’ve taken great joy in teaching her a number of exclamations that sound cute when shouted in her toddler falsetto. Right now we’ve got “Wooooo!” and “Oh noes!” and I’m working on “OMG!” while Geralyn isn’t around.


The playground pictures you see here are actually from the tail end of our trip to Tulsa for Christmas. There were a lot more, but the late afternoon sun was casting a lot of shadows and I hadn’t yet mastered the concept of fill flashes. Sam had a great trip, though, as did we all.

Oddly, we returned to Southern California to encounter worse weather than in the Midwest. SoCal’s version of Winter involves a few weeks of soggy, damp weather instead of snow, and this really messes things up since most of the attractions here are outdoors. What’s to do on a rainy day off like today? The beach? No. The park? No. Nature hike? Nah. The Zoo, Sea World, or the Wild Animal Park? Nuh-uh. Shop at Babies R Us for a booster seat? Wooo! Sam is down for a nap right now, and I’m hoping she makes it like a six hour one or we’re going to have trouble keeping her entertained, because the treadmill won’t be delivered until tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been playing a bit with flash and various levels of natural light. I have another pic of Sam by the window that’s almost identical except it has fill flash and it looks just boring.

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