2005 book stats

Happy New Year. Another year gone by and another bunch of books read. Here’s some fun statistics:

Books read (or heard on audiobook): 61, or about 1.2 per week on average
   Paper books: 15
   Audio books: 46

Nonfiction books: 16
Fiction books: 45
   Classics: 9
   Fantasy: 15
   Horror: 6
   Sci-Fi: 6

Best Book: A Short History of Nearly Everything
Worst Book: Galactic Pot Healer

And by contrast, I saw 47 movies/DVDs.

What about you?

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2 thoughts on “2005 book stats

  1. I must admit how happy I was to see the breakdown between audio and paper. I wondered where a father, husband and WoW adict found all that time to read 🙂
    Did you buy audio or rent? Or check out from the library?
    I’m tallying mine list of titles up this weekend. I think it’ll be around your paper total, with only 2 audio books in the mix.
    I’m having trouble deciding best/worst. If all else fails I’ll go with my annual favorite, “Atlas Shrugged”.

  2. Dude, it’s all about the audiobooks. 🙂 I get mine from a variety of sources, including the library (the downtown San Diego Library has a HUGE selection) and downloads from places like audible.com.
    Atlas Shrugged your best, worst, or both? 😉

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