Pregnancy Update: Week 34

Getting ever so closer. The nursery is almost done, as we got the changing table delivered today and the painting finished up a few days earlier. It’s all good, and the only thing left to do is hang stuff on the walls. We’re waiting to see if we get any more nursery-related gifts for Christmas before taking that final step.

The gifts keep coming in. Geralyn went up to Orange County this week to do some work for CalOptima, and her co-workers threw her a baby shower. And perhaps most importantly, there was cake. It was very thoughtful of them, and much appreciated. We also got a nice diaper bag from Christie and Rich Armstrong, old friends of ours from college. I’m told that I’ll look stunning carrying it around the mall and the McDonald’s playground.

Other than that, not too much to report. Geralyn is still doing well and doesn’t seem too weighed down by the whole “there’s another person in my uterus” thing. This morning I once again saw the baby moving underneath Geralyn’s skin. That always makes me marvel. I swear that the baby moves in response to things going on in the outside world. She definitely moves whenever Ger eats something, especially if it’s sweet. And I think that she sometimes moves when you tap on Ger’s belly or talk to her. Also, we went to a concert tonight (Christmas Pops at the San Diego Symphony Hall) and I swear the baby started grooving when the music started. I’m probably imagining it, but it’s cool to speculate.

I bet baby thinks her comfy little home has been shrinking over the last few weeks. Here’s photographic evidence:

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