Intelligence: A Brief History

This is the first –the shortest– of the three books I came back from SIOP with. I had been looking for a good overview of cognitive ability testing, as it’s one of the more wide spread and important topics in my profession. I know about how intelligence is conceptualized in a lot of cases, but I wanted a book that would walk me through how those theories came to be and give me some more detail on the specifics. Something with a title like this book’s seemed like a home run.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. This “brief history” was more on the brief side than the history side. It was so brief, in fact, that it only really got to deal in generalities instead of specifics. I think I can still benefit from more information. On the plus side, though, the book was written in a very approachable fashion, especially for someone like myself who’s already familiar with the topic. It also gave me a few good references for more information, which I’ll put in my wish list.

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