Sam’s Story: Week 74

Guys, this is how it starts:

GERALYN: Sammy’s getting so big…

ME: Yeah. Well, she can’t stay a baby forever.

GERALYN: We need another baby.

ME: What? Woah, woah, woah! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

GERALYN: Well, don’t you think so?

ME: Look, if you just wait another 14 years you can have a grandchild. How about that?

GERALYN: Shut up, Jamie.

In other news, there’s not much other news. Sam continues to climb and build her vocabulary, which now includes “Grande lowfat vanilla late”. She really is getting bigger more quickly, though. She’s a little person now instead of the blob of a baby she used to be.

Earlier today we went to the San Diego Fair for some reason, I’m still not sure why, but Sam ended up enjoying it. We didn’t get a fried twinkie like last year, but this time around I went for the ginormous roasted turkey leg. Now, I have to say that the ginormous turkey leg isn’t all it’s cut out to be. You look at it and think “Oh, man, I’d look like King Loui the XIII eating that thing” and that’s cool, because glutonous royalty is all the rage these days. But while you do feel like a big fat French guy eating it, it’s not that good. It’s overcooked, drenched in messy sauce, and you realize that turkeys must be comprised entirely of fat and gristle. Wait, what was I talking about?

At any rate, pictures!

Sam’s Story next week will most likely be delayed a few days, as we’re going to be traveling to St. Louis to visit family. I should have lots of pictures to show and news to tell, though, once it does go up.

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One thought on “Sam’s Story: Week 74

  1. My opinion: Wait until you have a 3 year difference. Sam is old enough that she’ll know what’s going on when a baby is born, like Emma. When Henry was born, that was the time her terrible twos started. Not being the center of attention is an adjustment until you parents figure things out. If you had tried earlier, she wouldn’t know the difference, and it may have been easier.

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