Picking Napoleon’s Nose

There’s a shopping center somewhat near where we live that has a bronze statue of a pig that Sam absolutely loves for some reason. I’ve named him Napoleon –bonus cool points to anyone who names that reference.

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4 thoughts on “Picking Napoleon’s Nose

  1. Delurking cause I had to show off with the reference – as much as I hated Animal Farm, the book was pounded into my head in high school (years and years ago).
    Sam is definately a cutie!
    An East Coast fan,

  2. Oh, and I have to also comment that I have a bazillion pictures of a friend of mine posing just like Sam in front of every statue we come across (he has some infatuation with picking statues’ noses).

  3. Hey your little sam is soooooooo cute! Sorry i just randomly came across this when googleing and was shocked that its not just my daughter (kaitlyn) who is box crazy!!!! Oh and Animal farm lol

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