Sam’s Story: Week 59

I think we can officially say that Sam is walking. She’s actually been taking unassisted steps for a couple of weeks, but my high journalistic standards wouldn’t let me report it here until she was really walking from Point A to Point B. Point B being wherever she finally takes a nose dive into the carpet. It’s amazing that Sam takes it all in stride (or rather, out of stride) and doesn’t get upset by her frequent trips to the ground. If I started falling on my rump ever few steps I’d probably freak out. The care-free vigor of youth, I guess.

Sam’s not really trucking yet since I’ve only see her take maybe half a dozen steps in a row, but she’s getting better at it every day and she stands up on her own all the time now. Soon she’ll be able to get a job.

Look, pictures:

You may notice from these shots that Sam has less hair. Some people complained about Sam’s reverse mullet hairdo, and frankly we finally got tired of it too. Come to think of it, I think she may have put off walking just because she couldn’t see where the heck she was going. So last weekend Geralyn took Sam to a friend who cut her hair. Apparently having strange people come at her with sharp, pointy blades kind of freaks Sam out, but she got over it. She looks better and the stuff can finally all grow out at the same rate.

Sam’s vocabulary continues to expand, particularly along the lines of animal sounds. She now knows the following:

  • Cow (“Muuuuuuuh”)
  • Cat (“Rowerowerower”)
  • Turkey the animal (“Gagglegaglegagle”)
  • Turkey the country (“Gagglegaglegagle”)
  • Dog (also “Muuuuuuuh” but we’re working on that)
  • Dad (“Dud”)
  • Mom (“Mamamama”)
  • That or What’s that? (“Dat!”)
  • Uh-oh (“Uh ….Oh”)
  • ???? (“Nay-nay-nuh!”)

Nothing much else to report, other than Ger’s parents are coming for another visit this week, but I’ll tell you all about that when the time comes. We also took Sam car shopping with us last weekend, but that’s a WHOLE other post that I’ll write up when it’s all over with.

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6 thoughts on “Sam’s Story: Week 59

  1. Love the new hair! I also love the photo of Sam in the laundry basket. She looks like she is contemplating deep philosophical thoughts or perhaps which works better, Downey or Snuggle.

  2. Whatever the others might say, I *loved* Sam’s old haircut (or lack of haircut or whatever). It almost reminded me some kind of 80s punk look or something. Adorable! Of course all babies should sport the punk look.

  3. I was going to say what Robot was going to say. I’m sure the new haircutt is better for her because little kids don’t need itchy hair in their face but it did make her look punky and cool. Actually I had a haircutt similar to it a few years ago, I dyed the long bangs pink and had short pixie hairstyle in the back.
    Oh by the way, Hi I’m Nina, I just spent alot of time reading entries to catch up to where Sam is at right now. I found you off the Trixie Update site. I make it my hoppy to read about cute little babies. I don’t know why other than I love em! OH and I use to work at the walmart portrait studio here in RI. I hated it and no longer work there, I can give you all kinds of dirt and I totally know about your experiences with them because that sort of thing happened all the time. The company (which is not employeed by walmart) was a total wack job. Anyway, Sam is adorable!

  4. Heh, thanks all and welcome. Glad to hear that there were some fans of Sam’s old hairdo. I think the dyed bangs look may be a bit extreme for her now. Not until she’s two and old enough to make her own decisions.
    The Wal-Mart portrait studio called us yesterday and said the latest batch of photos were indeed ruined. Furthermore, for some reason known only to the truly assinine, we have to appeal to some 1-800 number to get our money back. So bleh.

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