Sam’s Story: Week 57

Okay, now what kind of person doesn’t wave back to a baby? A cute little kids waves at you in public and you just ignore her? I mean COME ON!

Yes, Sam’s newest thing is waving. She waves at me and Ger pretty much whenever we step more than 5 feet away, and she sporadically waves at people in public. I took her grocery shopping with me last night and she waved to some guy that was frowning at mangos as he poked and sniffed them. The guy looked right at Sam, who was waving and smiling at him, and then turned away to inspect some bananas. What, did a baby kill this guy’s parents or something?

Anyway. Nothing huge to report on this week, other than after deciding that the swear jar wasn’t a very aggressive savings strategy Geralyn decided to open a school savings account for Sam. We’ll contribute a little bit each paycheck to make sure that Sam can attend the finest pre-schools. College? Pft. Yeah, right. She can pay for it the same way I did: have a mom that worked at the University library and got full tuition reimbursement.

The only other thing is that we’ve been experimenting with taking Sam to one nap a day. Everyone is telling us that kids her age start engaging in such marvels, and that it’s awesome because they’ll sleep for like 3 hours at a time, giving you a huge chunk of your day to do anything you want …as long as you don’t leave the house. Or make any noise. Sam has resisted, though. She seems to do fine missing the morning nap, especially if she’s distracted, but she hasn’t quite caught on to the idea of extending her other nap to compensate. So she wakes up from her afternoon nap after the typical hour, and then by early evening she’s pissed at me, Ger, that talking frog that Nana gave her, and the world in general. Since filling her sippy cup with coffee is apparently out of the question, we’ll just have to play it by ear.

Now, pictures:

You may notice that we bought Sam a new book: The Velveteen Rabbit. I know this is a classic, but I’d never read it before. I was actually kind of surprised to find out that it’s about a stuffed rabbit that, like a little boy’s other toys, is somehow sentient. But when the boy gets some kind of disease all of his toys are thrown into the fire as they scream in horror and curse the cold, uncaring universe. Well, that last part happens off camera, but that’s essentially right. Only somehow the Velveteen Rabbit is saved by magic and turned into a real rabbit so that he can eventually die of old age or a hunter’s bullet.

So yeah. Great children’s story. My kid’s warped now.

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  1. This happens when I take her to the store too. What kind of person doesn’t wave back to a baby?!? I feel like yelling, “Oh come on! She can’t even talk yet! What are you afraid of, that if you acknowledge her she’ll try to sell you something?!?”

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