Sammy Sickie

For those of you playing from home, Sam has been sick with some kind of stomach bug. I went in to check on her yesterday morning to find a big puddle of half-digested peas next to her in the crib. Which, you know, kind of explained the retching sound I had just heard over the baby moniter. If Ger managed to feed her anything at all yesterday I think she got a full refund a few minutes later, so basically Sam didn’t eat at all yesterday. Then our DVD player broke and we couldn’t even turn to our Ultimate Solution to Crankyness in the form of Baby Einstein DVDs.

Her crib was yark-free this morning when she woke up, though, so hopefully she’ll be over it.

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6 thoughts on “Sammy Sickie

  1. Now starts the diahrea, right on schedule after the 24 hours of puking as the Doctor said. I can’t imagine 2-3 days of this. She is a little feverish today too. You picked a good night to be gone to your I/O meeting!

  2. OOOOOH! I did not mean it is some sicko pervert kind of way (although you are right, she is the wrong sex).
    I hope she feels better.

  3. She doesn’t seem to like the taste of the Pedialyte (apple flavor), even when I dilute it with water. So we are giving her plenty of diluted juice, she is always willing to drink that.

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