Sam’s Story: Week 55

Swear Jar funds this week: $2.50. It would have been less, but the vending machine at work stole my money.

Sam’s big thing this week has been using her walker, so now she has something in common with old people. I showed her how to push it and walk behind it one day, and now this is ALL she wants to do whenever it’s in sight. She’ll trot along behind it, giggling and gufawing like an imbecile (but in a cute way) until she rams into a wall. She’ll then pull back a step and ram it a couple more times just to see if it’ll give, then look at me and start squawking for me to remove this wall immediately so that she can get on about her business. So I get up, come over, turn her around, and send her off in the opposite direction like a wind-up toy. Giggle giggle, WHAM, bump bump, WAAAHH, repeat.

Sam’s other thing this week is that she has started this low, slow, throaty laugh whenever she sees something coming that she likes –bath, nursing, food, drink, et cetera. She’ll close her eyes halfway, curl her upper lip, and start going “Huh, huh, huh-huh-huh, huh huh.” It sounds just like Beavis and Butt-Head, and it’s as frightening as it is funny.

Talking has progressed a bit, so that she doesn’t identify every animal as a cat. She still knows what a cat says (“Rower-rower-rower”), but has added what a turkey says (“Gagga-gagga-gagga”) to her lexicon. I don’t think she doesn’t really understand the questions; rather, she just hears me say “cat” or “turkey” and knows what sound to make so that I laugh, smile, and clap. She’s playing me like a fiddle, in other words. To test this, I asked her “Sammy, what does anything that’s NOT a cat say?” She smiled at me and said “Rower-rower-ro–” at which point I jumped up, pointed at her, and shouted “WRONG! YOU LOSE! I’M STILL SMARTER THAN YOU! YEAH! UH! YEAH! UH-HUH!”

I’m now told that this kind of behavior is not appropriate, but I’m still not sure, as it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” book I read.

Now, pictures:

As you can see, over a quarter of those pictures are of her pushing her little walker around and looking pretty happy about it.

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