4th of July 2011

Photo dump! Had a great 4th of July weekend at The Farm, per our annual family tradition. We actually had a HUGE crowd out this year, with over 40 members of Geralyn’s extended family all sitting down to the same dinner at one point. With the heat the lake saw a lot of use, including by our new puppy, young Ezio. Since he’s not very well trained yet, we had fears of unclipping his leash and then watching as he sprinted off into the woods to be eaten by a bear, but he actually did really well while off the hook. He chased some butterflies on the beach, explored his love of digging in the sand, and even went for a handful of short swims.

Ezio was also the center of much attention and fawning, though I lost count of how many puzzled looks I received when trying to make people understand his name. “It’s Italian” isn’t quite the conversation ender I had hoped it would be, as people kept asking “So what does that translate to?”

At any rate, lots of fun and the girls were really well behaved despite all the commotion. Would do again.

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