June, 2011 — Pools and Such

Been a while since I posted any pics of the girls, and given that it's pool season this seems like a good time. Sam has gotten quite competent at swimming and no longer has to wear any kind of life saving apparatus. She even dives off the diving board, if by "dives" you mean "flops belly-button first." We had TWO pool parties this last Father's Day weekend, so the girls got their fill of pool. Like, literally. Mandy kept drinking the pool water.

Mandy also had her first dentist's appointment, which went, to use an awkward segue, swimingly. When I got home that night she showed me how she had to open wide, then held that pose at my request until she caught on. At any rate, both of them had good checkups and got bags of toothbrushes and floss, the latter of which was immediately used to garrote some unfortunate stuffed animals.

So, pictures! I think you know what to do with them.

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