Sam’s Story: Week 34

Another busy week. We took our most ambitious road trip to date this last weekend, but I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I must tell you of The Yelling. Sam’s newest thing is The Yelling. She’ll just sit there and yell at the top of her little lungs, apparently for the pure pleasure of it. Not crying. Not screaming. Just yelling, as if her sole purpose on this world was to bring a little bit of The Yelling to everyone who comes within half a mile of her. At first we were concerned, and would run over when she started her caterwauling, asking her what was wrong and trying to fix it. She’d always give us an annoyed look as if to say “Do you mind? I’m yelling here. Kindly butt out.” So as you read this, just remember that somewhere Sam is yelling right now. Not because of anything you did, but just because.

I also must tell you about the two new books that Geralyn bought for Sam. They are, in fact, the two best children’s books ever made. Sheep in a Jeep is an alliterative tragicomedy worthy of comparison to Faust. It’s the sad but cathartic tale of a group of Sheep and their search for glory on board their brand new Jeep. Alas, their own special brand of barnyard hubris leads the sheep in a jeep to lose sight of their own earthly limitations, resulting in carnage and tragedy the likes of which has never been seen in a book with thick cardboard pages. Unless Shakespeare ever wrote that kind of thing.

However, the other book Ger bought, entitled Is Your Mama A Llama?, is a coming of age story featuring Lloyd the Llama’s quest for self-enlightenment. Our young hero rails against the inequities of racial and species stereotypes in his quest for his own identity, ultimately breaking through them but discovering that one must pay sacrosanct homage to one’s own heritage before building a bridge into the future. Also, it features llamas, which makes it great by definition.

Finally, as I mentioned, we made quite an ambitious road trip ourselves, though we didn’t take a Jeep and there were no sheep involved as far as I know. My employer threw an “Employee Appreciation Event” up at Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles. It came with free admission to the park (exclusive to us employees after 6:00) and free valet parking. So Ger and I packed up the baby, food for the baby, toys for the baby, drinks for the baby, and everything else for the baby and headed on up. In retrospect it probably wasn’t wise, since we ended up spending a total of six hours in the car and about half that amount of time actually in the park. And during that time, we went to a total of two attractions, since most of the things were either inappropriate for Sam (like all the rides) or just too much of a pain with her along.

Sam, however, was the best sport that we could have hoped for her to be. She barely fussed at all, but seemed content to watch the crowds from her stroller, which we parted by thrusting the stroller, Sam first, into them and cursing a lot. A WHOLE lot. We didn’t leave the park until around 8:30, which is about forty five minutes past Sam’s regular bedtime, and we didn’t get home until midnight, which is a good two hours past anyone’s bed time at our house. Sam was great about the whole thing. Future Sam, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU. Thank you for being such a good sport and not screaming at us more than you did when you not only missed your nightly piece of frozen watermelon, but your bath and your bed, too. You’re awesome!

And now, pictures. And more update after that!

You know, I have fun doing these updates. I like posting pictures of Sam and writing about what’s been happening for the benefit of my absent family and the few complete strangers who seem to like following along. And I know that Geralyn likes writing in Sam’s diary, keeping track of milestones right next to the number of feedings and poopy diapers. But this guy puts us to shame. It’s without a doubt the most incredible baby blog I’ve ever seen. The author is apparently a programmer, and he has gone through the trouble of creating a “Trixie Tracker,” a baby tracking system named after his daughter of the same name (“Trixie,” not “Tracker”). Click through and make sure to check out some of the “what is this?” links in the “Trixie Telemetry” section near the top. He’s got a system for tracking —with auto-generated graphics and graphs— everything from feedings to diapers to hours slept. Apparently he just has to type in the data once a day and the system does the rest. Crazy.

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  1. I love Is Your Mama A Llama!!!! There are so many great children’s books out there. Another great one is the True Story of the Three Little Pigs, told from the perspective of the Big Bad Wolf. It is a bit old for her right now but will be great fun about age 4 or 5!
    I’m not familiar with Sheep in a Jeep but I have been out of the children’s literature game for a few years now.

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