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This website is one year old today. I started the site for two basic reasons. First, I wanted to chronicle Ger’s pregnancy and Sam’s first months for the benefit of the friends and family who live so far away. I wanted them to have news and lots of pictures so that they could see for themselves. Second, I wanted an outlet for the more creative writing that I was used to doing in articles, newsletters, and e-mail for GameSpy. I like doing that sort of thing, and I didn’t want to stop when I left GameSpy. So, 12 months later and here we are.

But instead of creating more original content, I thought I’d pull a page from television’s script book and give you a clip show containing my favorite ten entries from the last year. Enjoy.

#10: Big Brother Prefers Pepsi
I’ve always been interested in the line where psychology and biology meet, fuzzy as it is, and I’ve always been fascinated by the corrupting power of advertising. This entry discusses all that.

#9: Baby Scrabble
The picture below was taken right before Sam was born. Ger and I were standing around and fiddling with a Travel Scrabble game while we talked. The resulting board shows what was on our mind, and we managed to use all but a couple of the game pieces.

#8: 33 things I remember about SIOP in Chicago
My trip to the annual Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology was a flurry of activity, as this year I was actually concentrating on going to workshops and symposiums instead of job hunting. I kept a log of interesting thoughts and observations, which, in true lazy form, I just dumped into a blog entry upon my return. I did a similar one for E3 called 28 things I remember about E3 2004

#7: Fun with Resumes
This was posted around the time we were trying to fill an opening at work, and I was in charge of the process. I had fun digging through all the screwball resumes we got (much more fun than I had looking at the competent ones, in fact), and as I read them I noticed that some of the hyperbole and assertive language some of them used made me hear the voice of Morbo the alien from Futurama. The “PREPARE TO RECEIVE MY QUALIFICATIONS!” line still cracks me up.

#6: Sam’s Story Week 28: The Week Where a LOT Happened
This was the mother of all Sam’s Story updates so far, requiring four chapters to tell. I recount Sam’s trip to the modeling agency, trying to get her formal portraits taken, and our experiences with our first babysitter. There’s hypothetically a six-foot angry clown bong involved. Also, I love this bit of Photoshop work:

#5: ABCs for Your Little Gamer
I put a lot of work into this one and it didn’t seem to get much of a reaction. Alas. It’s my attempt to reconcile the lack of ABC books for the children of gamers. Read the whole thing.

Click to read the whole feature

#4: Grand Theft Auto: “Worse than Killing Babies”
More Photoshop and satire about how the mainstream press often sees video gaming, particularly the story about how a Haitian civil rights group wanted to ban sales of a Grand Theft Auto game because it depicted Hatian gang violence in Miami. Everyone seemed to be ignoring the fact that these games are NOT supposed to be played by the children.

#3: Picking an Apple, Parts One and Two
I’m going to bend the rules a bit and roll two posts into one here. You’ll forgive me. These entries chronicle my purchase and review of an Apple iPod, a device I love like a brother to this day. As much as I like it, the real memories that stick with me are from buying the thing from the shiny, clean-smelling, and slightly surreal Apple Store at the mall.

#2: A Sam is Born
This post isn’t the funniest and it isn’t the best written (not surprising given my exhausted state), but it is the most meaningful to me and shares one of the two best days of my life to date. ‘Nuff said.

#1: “Did I give you a picture of the baby’s twat?”
Well, it was a tough decision and the competition was fierce, but in the end, I had to go with this infamous and unfortunately vulgar experience with the ultrasound technician. It happened right after the 22nd week of Ger’s pregnancy. There we were with cold blue goo smeared over Ger’s swolen belly and a supposedly wholesome ultrasound tech peering at a blurry black-and-gray image on a tiny monitor. Everything went fine, even though we literally couldn’t make heads or tails of the image. Our confusion level spiked when the ultrasound tech turned to us and asked, “Did I give you a picture of the baby’s twat?” I’ve spent every day since wondering if I heard her right.

So, that’s my top ten. Did I miss any of your favorites? I hope you’ve enjoyed the first year of and that you’ll keep coming back. It’s been fun and I think I’ll keep it up so we can do this again next year.

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  1. I am presently ripping off your ‘Jamie’s Nifty Start Page’. I am not even creative enough to change the title to more than “David’s…” (this is a correct usage of an ellipses by the way).
    I have to agree, I too liked your top picks the most over the past year.

  2. “#5: ABCs for Your Little Gamer
    I put a lot of work into this one and it didn’t seem to get much of a reaction.”
    sorry I didn’t know about the site when you originally published the ABC’s! I recently forwarded it to my husband and all his gaming – they love it!

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