Sam’s Story: Week 22

I’ve noticed something. I’ve talked before about how Ger and I have joined the Tribe of the Baby People. It involves obsessing over your baby, the things that come out of your baby, and the things that will come out of your baby. I’ve also discovered that it involves its own language, much like the “l33t sp33k” of online gamers. Compare the following passages, which were both taken from actual messageboards on babies and Counter-Strike, respectively:

Ive given it my customary two weeks and then some and dd is still getting up really early, ive reintroduced the d/f which used to work, and am ready to move on to pu/pd or pat/shhh instead of CIO. She is 8mo.

do u know what 2 do ur CDkey doesn’t work? I lost mine LOL and need it 2 pw33n some b1tch3s LOL!!11

Funny thing is, they’re essentially saying the same thing. Something about a Chief Information Officer who lost the key to his CD-ROM drive and has 8 months to find it.

Sam still isn’t napping, and we’re about given up on the modified CIO …er, cry it out method I mentioned before. She just hasn’t made any progress and we’re forced to let her nap on walks or in the bouncer or in Ger’s lap after nursing. Maybe we’ll try again in a month or so.

Sam is, however, learning one important new skill. She’s learning to eat her feet. Apparently, her feet taste like candy! They must, as she crams them in her mouth every chance she gets and she seems to enjoy it. I’ve even seen her get both feet in at the same time. Perhaps she’ll be a gymnast.

Finally, Sam’s inheritance of facial and other bodily features has always a fun topic of conversation. But sometimes you just get tired of repeating yourself, so this week I’ve created a handy reference chart that you can print off and refer to next time you think, “I wonder who Sam got her cheekbones from?” Click for a larger version:

I’ve got the brow, chin, cheeks, and nose covered. Ger has the hair, general coloring, eyes, fingers, and toes. For more information, see this week’s pictures:

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