Sam’s Story: Week 21

It’s been a slower week this time. Sam is making lots of little improvements on grabbing things (including her feet, and shoving them in her mouth or ear, depending on how good her aim is at the time), watching things, and being cute. Unfortunately she’s still fighting us bitterly about the whole nap thing, but we’re going to stick with it for a while longer.

Geralyn has already begun talking about introducing solids. This frightens me. Not because of the mess and the extra work involved, though it’s so easy and clean just to attach Sam to a nipple and let her go to town. No, what really worries me is …the poop. Breast fed babies have surprisingly benign bowel movements with little or no odor. Put another way, they’re not messy and they don’t stink. But once you introduce solids, it’s a whole other ball game. Things get gooey and messy and start to smell to high heaven. You put strained peaches in, but what you get out defies description. So yeah, I’m stalling on the whole solid foods thing.

Time for intermission. Here’s some pictures. The rest of this update will continue after your clicking frenzy.

Done clicking? Okay. I’d just like to point out that if you get the joke on this shirt, then you’re a total nerd. NNNNEEEEERRRD!

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I was the guest of honor. Despite being under five months old, Sam somehow managed to drive herself to Best Buy and use a stolen credit card to buy me The Simpsons – The Complete Fourth Season. We’re watching it together. Almost better, though, Geralyn handed me the car keys and let me take the whole afternoon off for some “me time.” I bought a new game and saw a movie in the theaters for the first time in months. When I got back we had a picnic dinner in the park down the road. So a delightful time was had by all.

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  1. Jamie,
    The Civic Center is having a Scrapbook Expo this Thursday and Friday. It is open to the public. I though Geralyn might want to go.

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