When my friends and I were kids one of our favorite jokes was to go up to someone and say “Can you answer a simple yes or no question?” When the victim said that they could, we would ask, “Do your parents know you wet your bed?” Hilarity ensued, and sometimes a beating.

Turns out that this little trick is amusing not only to witless children, but also to members of the Republican National Committee. As evidence, I present a survey sent to one of my co-workers. The survey has all kinds of horribly worded questions (they word items so as to encourage people to respond in ways that support their agendas), but the multiple choice question that asks, “Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?” takes the cake:

The first available choice is pretty straight forward. The second is sly if a bit disingenuous. The last one, though, is the one that reminds me of those precious childhood moments with the “Can you answer a simple yes or no question?” challenges. Draw your own conclusions.

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2 thoughts on “OBEY THE SURVEY

  1. Hmmm….. have to go with option number 3. That is pretty funny. We keep getting “personal” photos, letters, and invitations from 43 to “thank us for our ardent support” and join them at kick off parties. I guess they think everyone who lives in TX is republican by default.
    We think they are quite entertaining too!

  2. We get mail from the Republican party too. What irks me is that on the return envelope for contributions, it always says “Your $.37 stamp is an additional gift” even though the envelope is postage paid. So I always send it back empty just to be spiteful. As if the Republican party can’t afford stamps!

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