October, 2010 Photo Dump (Part 1)

Okay, here’s some photos of the kids from the early part of October. Figured I should get these out of the way before Halloween. Sam wishes to be Harry Potter (NOT Hermione), and Mandy changes her mind every time you ask her. Though as you can see, she has vampire teeth and a hula skirt. So maybe a vampire Hawaiian.

As you can see, Samantha lost one of her front teeth, giving her that coveted adorable gap-toothed hillbilly look. She wears it well and was quite excited to lose that particular tooth.

Mandy is turning into quite the little ham who will mug for the camera and perform silly dances on command if you catch her in the right mood. She really seems to love getting reactions out of people, and will make faces and prance around in front of them until she does. Great fun!

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One thought on “October, 2010 Photo Dump (Part 1)

  1. Ah, the hole-in-the-smile Hillbilly look. And to think that when Kai sprouted his first tooth I surprised myself being sad that the adorable gummy smile was gone forever. I wasn’t thinking ahead far enough. Silly first time Mom.
    And in other general terms… HEART!

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