Weight Loss Week 13: 8 Pounds to Go

April 1 weight: 170.0

Weight a week ago: 171.5

5 day avg weight: 171.8

5 day avg weight a week ago: 171.6

Workouts in last 7 days: 6

Another pound and a half down, though the 5-day average weight was basically a wash. I let myself have a “fall off the wagon” weekend but got right back on track Monday. I’m SO close to being in the 160s. Hopefully I will be in the next few days, though with Easter coming up I’m no so sure. There’s going to be a lot of candy and food at our big family gathering this Sunday.


Weight loss graph week 13

No picture at the moment. Maybe tonight.

I started mixing in a bit of weight lifting to my workout routine, and this has reminded me of something very important: lifting weights after not having lifted weights for a long time makes you hurt very, VERY much. So sore. Still, it’s nice to have some variation and it’ll be good for the long term.

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