Week 322: Early Easter and RAWK

We got a bit of a head start on Easter as you can see from the pics below.

This was at some little Easter egg hunt at a local park, but they had a massive turnout. The kids were all segregated by age group, but over in the “Ages 1 to 3” lot Mandy had the advantage of being at the top of her age bracket. She put this to good use, sprinting ahead of the crowd when the whistle blew and throwing the occasional elbow into the face of the 18-month olds who got into her way. I had to do a lot of apologizing, but she scooped up the little plastic eggs by the armload and was well pleased with herself.

Sam didn’t quite do as well despite being at the top of her own age bracket. The differences between 6 and 4 are not as tower as between 3 and 1, for it seems that once you learn to walk and generally control your limbs it levels the playing field dramatically. Still, she did score one special egg containing a prize ticket that awarded her a stuffed animal. Because, you know. SHE NEEDS MORE STUFFED ANIMALS.

The girls spent the rest of the weekend playing with some stuff that their Aunt Shawn had mailed them a bit ahead of the holiday, including some sunglasses that they put to good use totally rocking out. Notice Sam’s tee shirt, please. She’s legit. What Mandy lacked in proper instruments, she more than made up for in sheer attitude and furiously banging two nondescript pieces of plastic together as hard as she could.

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  1. Love the top left pic of Mandy in the 2nd set of pics. She looks like she totally has her determined game face on!

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