Weight Loss Week 4: 19 Pounds to Go

January 28 weight: 181

Last 5 days average weight: 180.9

January 21 weight: 178

Workouts in last 7 days: 2

Oof, bad week. I’ve gained 3 pounds in the last 7 days. Part of this was because a severe gout flare up (yes, gout) kept me away from the gym all but two days. So I exercised nearly not at all. But I also have to own up to eating pretty poorly this week. I ate cake at Sam’s birthday party, too much pizza at her diner, and I generally snacked too much on cookies and these little chocolate covered pomegranate seeds that Geralyn bought a big bag of.

Here’s my chart of shame:

Weight loss graph week 4

And here is my none-the-slimmer self:

While I think the lack of workouts and the poor eating are due to different causes, they are definitely related. I’ve noticed that when I work out, I’m less likely to snack and even less likely to make bad choices if I do snack. I may look at an oatmeal cookie and think, “Just an hour ago I burned about 400 calories at the gym and it took 40 minutes. I could eat this cookie in 4 seconds and undo half of that work.” Framing it as a loss helps me restrain myself because people are loss averse. So working out is doubly important — it not only burns calories but helps me not eat as much afterwords.

I’m feeling better now, though, and am determined to get back on track. I’m pledging to do what it takes to lose at least 2 pounds in the next 7 days.

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Week 4: 19 Pounds to Go

  1. The thing I’ve discovered in my dieting so far is if I make one slip it’s like my mind goes off the deep end.
    I’ll eat great for a two weeks, no soda, no fast food, etc. So I work late one night and decide it won’t hurt to get a Whopper and fries, and then for the next few days I’m eating fast food (usually too much) and scarfing down ice cream. It’s horrible.
    So I used to think a treat once in a while would be ok (and physically it’s probably fine), but the result of me taking that small break from the diet won’t be good at all. Last night my wife offered my some chocolate pudding that only had 60 calories and I had to say no knowing it might turn into cheese fries and milkshakes for a week.

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