Week 312: Poms, George, and Tooth

Had a bit more going on this week. Sam finished up her pom pom class with a flourish, amid a gymnasium full of parents looking at each other and saying things like “Yay! She’s shaking a colorful thing! And shouting stuff! Yay!” Sam had a blast, though, and received a medal and more pom poms. She’s still deliberating whether to return for the next semester of classes.

Sam also had a big milestone this week: just shy of her 6th birthday, she finally lost her first baby tooth! She was totally on board for this and almost overenthusiastic about the event. The tooth fairy rewarded her with a dollar coin in the middle of the night, which is sure a heck of a lot more than I ever got.

Monday was a holiday, so we all went over to the local children’s museum/science center to gawk at the traveling Curious George exhibit. A very world weary (not to mention 6-foot tall) George padded out to wave at the children, then periodically disappeared behind a door labeled “Staff Only.” Still, the girls loved it.

A couple of days before that, I guess I should note, we had a “daddy daughter day” when Geralyn took a day off to attend an all day scrapbooking marathon. Because we had coupons, I took them bowling. The alley at least put little bumpers up to block the gutters, but as it was I had to help Mandy squat down in the lane and give the bright green kiddie bowling ball a good shove. Later, she dominated the Dance Dance Revolution game in the arcade, proving that at age 3 she’s the most coordinated one in the family.

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