Week 311

Snow! I mean, more snow!

I’ve noticed that Sam is being a lot more empathetic lately. I think all kids learn to read emotions, like they know when you’re pissed or when you’re happy and they react accordingly, even if it’s usually in a self-interested way. But Sam seems to be cluing in lately on how others feel and letting it affect her own mood. The other morning I was getting ready for work and couldn’t find my iPod Touch. For me, this is like not being able to find my kidney or something, and I was flustered because I thought I might have left it at the gym. Sam, who had wandered down to say goodby to me as she does most weekday mornings, picked up on my agitation and started looking everywhere with me. Later that night when I came home Geralyn said that Sam had been preoccupied by my missing device and had been looking for it all day because she said it made me unhappy that it was lost. When I eventually found it (on top of the entertainment cabinet in the basement, duh) Sam was giddy with joy. Good girl.

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