My New Blog: The Psychology of Video Games

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new blogging project for 2010. I thought that instead of doing more weekly reviews on books or movies, I’d tackle something bigger and honestly more interesting. Well interesting to me; not sure about you yet. I figure, I like psychology. And I like video games. Why not write about the psychology of video games?

So, perform clicking motions at this time to visit The Psychology of Video Games.

As I say on the “About” page, the articles on the site will use what I know of puny human psychology to answer three types of questions:

  1. Why do gamers do what they do?
  2. Why do those designing games do what they do?
  3. Why do those marketing and selling games do what they do?

I’ve already stocked the shelves with seven stories dealing with specific questions like:

So, please go check it out. If you find it remotely interesting, please consider subscribing to the RSS feed, leaving a comment, or sharing it on your favorite social media site like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. And click on a few of the Google Adsense ads while you’re at it. I need to renew my Xbox Live Gold membership soon.

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