Week 308: Birthday, Santa’s Helper, and Pics

Man, Mandy is three. Three! That’s hard to get my head around, but I’m told these things happen. She’s certainly been looking forward to her birthday party, even if it was low key and we just had Grandpa and Geralyn’s godmother over for dinner –chicken nuggets and mac and cheese per immutable tradition. Still, there were presents, which Samantha did her best to immediately co-op, as sharing is a concept apparently best pro-actively enforced.

Sam continues to practice her spelling and reading almost obsessively, to the point where she’s spelling new words out to herself and getting better at writing things. She was thrilled recently to get a letter from Santa congratulating her on this, proclaiming that if you in fact read between the lines this put her at the TOP of the “Nice” list. She’s generally rolling with the whole Santa thing, with one exception. Geralyn took the kids to an event where they met Santa, and also in attendance was an “elf.” I put that in quotes because it was obviously someone’s grandpa that had been crammed into an elf suit –all six wrinkly feet of him. Sam kept giving this fellow dubious glances, and on the way home she commented that she didn’t think that was a REAL elf, because REAL elves are small. And didn’t just sit there staring into space. Perceptive girl.

I’d like to close by pointing out that this week has two of my new favorite pictures of Mandy. I somehow managed to get great lighting on this shot of Mandy with her birthday cake. And then there’s this pic of her taking a time out the next day.

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